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February 19th, 2017    

Episode 50 - 50th Episode Special and Oscar Talk!!

Please enjoy our Special 50th Episode!!! Like any epic adevnture, we discuss the origins of Daydream Instruction Manual! Where we came from, what we've become, and where we're heading; please enjoy this special look at the show and the amazing people behind it.





We discuss the upcoming Oscars and what movies we feel stand a chance at winning the little golden statue of a nearly naked man holding a sword.




February 16th, 2017    

Mini-Sode - Lego Batman

On this very special min-sode Eddie is joined by his youngest daughter, Gwenyth to review the newly released "Lego Batman Movie"!!!




February 13th, 2017    

Episode 49 - Our Worst Dates and Favorite Romantic Movies

On this special Pre-Valentine's Day episode, Eddie, Josh, and Amber discuss thier worst dates and favorite romantic movies! Even Mike gets in the Valentine's Day spirit and shares his most romantic films!




February 8th, 2017    

Mini-Sode - Alamo Drafthouse - The Late Show: The Matrix

The Daydream Instruction Manual crew had the pleasure of hosting The Late Show at the Alamo Drafthouse: The Matrix!!

Josh literally jumped at the chance to host this film, and having our new kid, Ali (the one who inroduced Josh to The Matrix) co-host with us made it even more awesome!

Billy even enjoyed getting a chance to re-view the film with different eyes this time around, and walks away with a different impression of the film than he had before!

We were also lucky to have Rollie (One of the suoer badass mangers of Alamo Drafthouse) join us, and boy oh boy does he drop knowledge bombs on us!!

A special thank you to Alamo Drafthouse and please enjoy the mini-episode! You can view a slightly edited video version of this mini-sode here:





February 5th, 2017    

Episode 48 - Which Fictional World would you live in?

On this thrilling installment of Daydream Instruction Manual, we ponder which fictional worlds we'd like to live in!

Perhaps the toasty sands of Tatooine? The bridge of the USS Enterprise? Or maybe live in Halloween Town and kdnap Santa all day long?

We discuss the pros and cons of living in your favortie fictional lands and MORE!!


Also be sure to check out the VIDEO verison of this episode on YouTube here!


February 3rd, 2017    

Mini-Sode - Alamo Drafthouse Movie Party: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Getting to host movies at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is most triumphant.

Getting to host movies with people you enjoy and love to be around is bodacious.

Getting to host insanely fun movies at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema with people you anjoy and love to be around is EXCELLENT!!

alamodrafthouse1.jpg 41Q7BR6Y54L.jpg


Please enjoy this short episode of out post movie party of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema!!

And Be Excellent to Each Other...and PARTY DUDES!!!!


January 29th, 2017    

Episode 47 - Choose Your Own Sequel and/or Reboot

Hello! Welcome to The Daydream Instruction Manual!!

Ever wonder if you could re-cast, re-shoot, or or completely re-do a film? Or thought about creating your own "Part two"? Well so have we!!

Sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy our pitches for movie reboots or sequels!

Also, today we're featuring another new co-host Ali Gambino!

Ali has been buds with Josh for about 17 years so she's at least somewhat ready for our particular brand of wacky tomfoolery!

Please give her a hearty DIM hello and please enjoy the show!



January 28th, 2017    

Episode 46 - Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Our very own Josh AND new kid on the block Ali (accompanied by boyfriend Dustin) decided to view and RE-view (see what I did there?) Resident Evil: The Final Chapter!


RE-live the terror and thrills as Josh, Ali, and Dustin RE-call their thoughts on the film!

RE-member to subscribe, like and tell your friends about Daydream Instruction Manual!! Okay I'm done now.

RE-ally I am.



January 23rd, 2017    

Episode 45 - Netflix Originals

Greetings Friends!! On this trilling installment of Daydream Instruction Manual, we have a guest co-host join us!!

Amber McQuiston agreed to be exposed to our particular brand of funsanity (at least part time) so please welcome her with all the high fives you have in your high five piggy banks!!

ALSO!! We sit down and discuss our favorite Netflix exclusives!! Did we cover some of yours? Listen, enjoy, and please share!



January 23rd, 2017    

Episode 44 - Se7en

In another awesome Late Show at the Alamo Drafthouse, Joshua Howell and his good friend and guest co-host Ali hosted the ever chiling and terrifying film Se7en!



This film is one of Josh's favorite films and being able to share his appreciation of this psychological thriller/horror movie (WHAT'S IN THE BOX?!?!?!) with the Alamao Drafthouse audience (and you) was a treat!


Please Enjoy!


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