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July 29th, 2016    

Episode 12 - Phil Hester

With a resume almost too long to list, Mr. Phil Hester has worked for almost every comic publisher out there and has worn almost every hat that can be worn.

Writer? Check. Artist? Check. Cover Artist?!? Checkaroo. Inker?!?! Checkity Check Check.

Also add to that impressive list: colorist, penciler, and bar bouncer. 

Okay, okay, Mr. Hester wasn't a bar bouncer (or was he?) But he did bounce our boredom away with this great interview! 

It was our pleasure to have met Mr. Hester at O Comic Con, and also our pleasure to bring you this special episode!

July 25th, 2016    

Episode 11 - Grace Ellis

Continuing with our O Comic Con 2016 coverage, we bring you our interview of Grace Ellis!!

Grace is part of the Eisner Award winning team that created "Lumberjanes" a charmingly awesome series that features the exploits of a group of friends at Miss Quinzella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet’s Camp for Hardcore Lady Types.  Lumberjanes is amazing and you owe it to yourself to check it out!!

Grace was an absolute blast to have on the show and was an amazing guest! Check out this episode post haste!


July 21st, 2016    

Episode 10 - Ande Parks

Whist attending O Comic Con, Bart and Eddie were super lucky to have been seated next to to creative powerhouse that is Mr. Ande Parks!

This gentleman does it all!! Writer, artist, and inker, Mr. Parks figuratively (and literally) wears a bunch of different hats!

He wrote for such title as: Green Horner, Daredevil, Lone Ranger, and more!

He was an artist/inker for such titles as The Irredeemable Ant-Man, Green Arrow, Superman, and more!

Having sat next to the man and watching him create original pieces of art was truly amazing, and I'm still buzzing from being able to sit with and talk with such a creative and approachable man.

Mr. Parks was an absoute blast and it was our honor to have him as a guest on the podcast!

Enjoy the episode!

July 17th, 2016    

Episode 9 - O Comic Con 2016

Bart, Mike, and Eddie sit down to discuss what it was like to essentially live at O Comic Con for three days.

Relive the fun and carefree awesomeness through the eyes (or ears?) of the Daydream Instruction Manual gang.
Stay tuned as we continue to post more great interviews from the writers, artists, and creators that we had the pleasure of meeting for the first time, or seeing again at O Comic Con!

Also, be sure to listen for a new segment on the podcast, ripped straight off of our Facebook Page:

July 16th, 2016    

Episode 8 - Joshua Howell presents “The Fierce are Fading”

Hello awesome friends!

We're still bringing you our coverage of O Comic Con 2016!!

We had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with Joshua Howell creator and writer of the graphic novel "The Fierce are Fading"

Eddie is about one third of the way through this book, and his review so far has been "Awesome! The story sucks you right in and the art is very cool! It really has a style and feel all it's own."

Please be sure to check Josh out at his website 

And if you're in the mood for an intense sci-fi thriller, check out "The Fierce are Fading"


July 13th, 2016    

Episode 7 - Carl Smith: Writer, Podcaster, and Overall Awesome Guy

We bring you our next episode from O Comic Con!!

This guest has been on my list for a while. The one and only Carl Smith; a writer, podcaster, and skateboarder, this man isn't afraid to take on new adventures!!

Please check out his particular brand of wit, humor, and a tiny dose of though provoking subjects on his podcast:

It was an absolute blast having him on the show! We hope you have as much fun listening, as we had making it!

July 11th, 2016    

Episode 6 - Amanda Peck presents “Family Covenant”

Prepare yourself for pure amazement as we continue to bring you episodes from our amazing weekend at O Comic Con!

On this episode we had the pleasure of sitting down with Amanda Peck, director of the upcoming indie film "Family Covenant"

A band struggling to make it big sets off into the woods for some inspiration, and what they find isn't quite what they were planning on...

Written and directed by Amanda Peck, this film is her first film project which for the premier is being screened at the one and only Alamo Drafthouse Omaha!!

Not too shabby for a first time stab at a film project huh? 

(Speaking of "stab" you may want to leave the kiddos home for this film as it's scary in nature)

Get all your info on "Family Covenant" here!! And thank you Amanda for being so stinking cool!!

July 10th, 2016    

Episode 5 - Tim Benson with Omaha Bound

Hello from O Comic Con! Bart, Mike, and I had the pleasure of sitting down with Tim Benson with Omaha Bound and learning more about the upcoming event and also just had a blast in hanging out and making jokes.

You know how we do...

July 3rd, 2016    

Episode 4 - Independence Day Resurgance Review and Getting Ready for O Comic Con 2016!!

Hello friends! 

Join us as we review the film Independence Day: Resurgence and we get ourselves and you pumped up for O Comic Con!!

All this and more on this episode!!



* Jeff Goldblum and Liam Hemsworth gazing at our scathing criticism of Independence Day: Resurgence.


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