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September 26th, 2016    

Episode 27 - Death…of a Fictional Character

Hello friends! 

 We decided to keep things nice and light this time around on the ol' Daydream Instruction Manual and discuss our first and most memorable experience with the death of a fictional character.

Oh the jokes just write themselves, don't they?

September 19th, 2016    

Episode 26 - The Alamo Drafthouse Late Show: Predator (35mm)

We hosted the Late Show at The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema: Predator (35mm) and we got hunted down by excitement and slayed by awesome!!


Predator is a classic in the genre of action/scary films, and thanks to some intentionally cheesy dialogue, a little bit funny as well! 

 Once again Alamo Drafthouse killed it (see what I did there?) with a great presentation of the film in 35mm and generating a buzz around a film that has the hearts (literally) of many! 

 Thank you Alamo. You guys rock.


If it bleeds, we can kill it!!  Please enjoy this episode!

September 12th, 2016    

Episode 25 - Joshua D. Howell

We were re-joined (that's totally a word) by Joshua D. Howell author of the graphic novel and novel "The Fierce are Fading"!

The graphic novel was absolutely great, and with the novel coming out there's even more awesomeness from this universe that Joshua has created coming your way!


We also discussed a myriad of topics ranging from the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek, football, competitiveness in sports, high fives, and whether the stigma of being a fan "nerdy" things is still an issue for some adults.

All this and more!

Be sure to check out Joshua's graphic novel on Amazon here! And the novel version here!

September 5th, 2016    

Episode 24 - The Alamo Drafthouse Late Show: Flash Gordon (35mm)

We had the great pleasure of hosting the Late Show at The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema: Flash Gordon (35mm)!!

We had some of the most fun we've had at a movie, and it just happened to be a 36 year old movie based on a comic book and serial films, hosted by one the best movie theaters we've ever been to!

Flash Gordon is a cult classic among fans of comic book films and fans of anything awesome in general, and The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema does an absolutely outstanding job of presenting the film in an exciting way, engaging the audience, and creating an atmosphere of excitement around the showing of the film!!

Please enjoy this episode and relive a little of the fun of Flash Gordon at The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema!



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