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August 27th, 2018    

Episode 106 - Get to know the hosts of DIM - Jeff Geaghan

As we dive into our new host lineup with Daydream Instruction Manual, we wanted to take a minute for you to get to know who the heck your fantastical tour guides even ARE!!

On THIS Episode we feature the man with the voice of a mountain, the dude who brings the fun along with a healthy dose of Heavy Metal, the bro who knows his He-Man from his Thundaar the Barbarian, the one and only Jeff Geaghan!




August 20th, 2018    

Episod 105 - A Peek Behind the Curtain - Part 1

After a bit of a hiatus, we're taking this opportunity to take a step back, reconfigure a little, and also clue you (our friends and listeners) in on some of our recent history and let you know "what's up" with Daydream Instruction Manual.

After this slightly serious episode, we'll be featuring some amazing guests AND introducing brand new FUN and super engaging epsiodes! STAY TUNED!!!!

We also take this opportunity to introduce you to our newest host, Jeff Geaghan!!! You may know him from his time in the local music scene, and/or from the almost award winning podcast "Make Eternia Great Again"! 

Let's fire up our engines and BLAST OFF!!


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