SDCC 2019 News and UHF’s 30th Anniversary - DIM 121

It's San Diego Comic Con 2019, and we're so pumped about the announcements coming out of the hollowed halls of one of the most epic Comic and Pop Culture conventions of all time, that we just HAVE to share some of them with YOU!! 

                                 sdcc-logo.png                                's the 30th anniversary of one of our favorite movies, the cult classic, "UHF", created by the comedic geniuses, "Weird Al" Yankovic and Jay Levy.


Released upon an unsuspecting populace, July 21, 1989, the world would never be the same after we gazed upon the insanely funny, and bonkers comedy. Please enjoy as we share a a round of "DIM Games" where we quiz Billy to see how well he knows his Weird Al songs.

All this and MORE, on the latest episode of Daydream Instruction Manual!