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July 23rd, 2020    

Lenny Vernon: Badass Kickstarter!

Our very good friends and frequent guests, OMUG Comics, have a Kickstarter going on until August 13th and they are over half way there!!! We recorded this on Facebook LIVE a few days ago and that is when they crossed the half-way point. So now, by listening to this, you can help them finish the goal.


Look, by this point, you know we love these guys and their comic book characters. Within this episode (or at the Kickstarter link) you can findout about their amazing perks and become part of history.

July 5th, 2020    

Daydreamers Discuss Disney Characters & Their Looney Toon Counterparts

Remember to keep in mind that these episodes are recorded over Facebook LIVE and are at times a number of weeks old. This episode also consists of Disney and the Facebook algorithms shutting down our stream!

Also, please consider throwing in a buck a month over at


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