Amanda Jensen with Monster Maker SFX - DIM 127

If you enjoy movies, television shows, and live attractions that feature special effects, then there no way that a make-up artist isn't involved in the magic that's being woven for you right before your very eyes.

We had the privilege to sit down with Amanda Jensen, an incredibly talented make-up and special effects artist who was responsible for the zombie make-up and effects for the "Lenny Vernon: Badass Trucker" live action trailer!! 

But that's not nearly what this amazing artist is capable of! With a portfolio that's hurting at the seams, you HAVE to check the breadth of her work HERE!!

Also an avid "Haunter", Amanda works with "The Shadow's Edge" Haunted attraction and brings the fear and in some cases, the funny as well! Please enjoy as we take a peek behind the curtain of special effects make-up on THIS episode of Daydream Instruction Manual!


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