Episode 10 - Ande Parks

Whist attending O Comic Con, Bart and Eddie were super lucky to have been seated next to to creative powerhouse that is Mr. Ande Parks!

This gentleman does it all!! Writer, artist, and inker, Mr. Parks figuratively (and literally) wears a bunch of different hats!

He wrote for such title as: Green Horner, Daredevil, Lone Ranger, and more!

He was an artist/inker for such titles as The Irredeemable Ant-Man, Green Arrow, Superman, and more!

Having sat next to the man and watching him create original pieces of art was truly amazing, and I'm still buzzing from being able to sit with and talk with such a creative and approachable man.

Mr. Parks was an absoute blast and it was our honor to have him as a guest on the podcast!

Enjoy the episode!
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