Episode 34 - Omaha Underground Comics (O.M.U.G.)

On this episod, we're joined by our friends from Omaha Underground Comics!!

Ben, Al, Chris (hi Chris!), and Luca sat down with us and discussed their newest book, issue number two of "Lenny Vernon: Badass Trucker" and discussed their recipe for getting high quality, independent comic books created.

Hilartiy ensues as we discuss Amish ghosts, creative process, the art of cooperation, and more!!

Be sure to catch O.M.U.G. on November 25th at Krypton Comics in Omaha, Nebraska! Have them sign everything! Even your face!!

14695582_1188003427927539_5279387886550410755_n.jpg 14601079_1188004304594118_4090817796992851965_n.jpg

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