Episode 52 - Our Favorite Saturday Night Live Sketches and Cast Members

We here on Daydream Instruction Manual love to laugh! And amoungst the many things that we love to laugh at is a well done Saturday Night Live sketch or a cast member who manages to kill the audience with a memorbale character, bit, or improv addition that puts the laughs over the top!

So we decide to talk about it! Whether it's Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers, Chris Farley, or Andy Samberg, most of us have a cast memebr who almost never misses the chance to make us laugh until we cry!

Or whether it's Caveman Lawyer, Folgers Coffee Crystals, Chippendales, or Wayne's World, we all have a favorite sketch that we look forward to adding laughter to our Saturday nights!

So with that, we sat down and discussed our favorites! Did yours make the list? Do you have some to add to our list? Please DO!!! Go to our Facebook Page, our twitter, or even e-mail us at daydreaminstructionmanual@gmail.com 



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