Episode 6 - Amanda Peck presents “Family Covenant”

Prepare yourself for pure amazement as we continue to bring you episodes from our amazing weekend at O Comic Con!

On this episode we had the pleasure of sitting down with Amanda Peck, director of the upcoming indie film "Family Covenant"

A band struggling to make it big sets off into the woods for some inspiration, and what they find isn't quite what they were planning on...

Written and directed by Amanda Peck, this film is her first film project which for the premier is being screened at the one and only Alamo Drafthouse Omaha!!

Not too shabby for a first time stab at a film project huh? 

(Speaking of "stab" you may want to leave the kiddos home for this film as it's scary in nature)

Get all your info on "Family Covenant" here!! And thank you Amanda for being so stinking cool!!
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