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June 9th, 2020    

Fast Food Commercials, Toys, and Advertisements, OH MY!!!

Remember how awesome they used to be? Movie tie-ins, giveaways, wow! What a time it used to be! Strap in because we take you back on an adventure!

(During this time, episodes are recorded straight from our social distance, Facebook LIVE streams, so we apologize if video conversation doesn't translate the best)

April 11th, 2020    

Darydream… AFTER DARK (isolation 2) 3 Hour Epic!

How is your quarantining going? Losing your mind, yet? Join us as we lose our minds providing you some laughs.

Remember, with these episodes, there is no structure, there is no editing to make the episode sound pretty or enhanced with extra funny goodness. Just raw, late night nonsense, just for YOU! 

April 1st, 2020    

Daydream… AFTER DARK (isolation 1)

This is the part where we give a description of the episode with a little break down of subjects discussed. Well, these episodes are going to be long, typically held for 2 or more hours, and at really late hours of the night. So there is no specific topic or flow. They're all over the place, a little more adult, maybe a little salty at times, but still all in the name of fun and not too far off brand of the usual DIM you love.

So sit back, enjoy, wonder what the heck we're rambling about, and join us in the insanity that has overcome us from social distancing.


March 21st, 2020    

Mini-Sode: Quick Update/Mezco Toyz Shining Review

What is going on? What can you expect? Here's Johnny! An all new Mini-Sode is ready for you, NOW!

February 23rd, 2020    

Mini-Sode: Billy Reviews a Couple Clowns

Here is Billy's second Mini-Sode where he is reviewing a couple of Living Dead Dolls from Mezco Toyz and this time it is Pennywise and then a little after the 12 minute mark, The Joker!

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February 15th, 2020    

Grand Comic Con 2020 talk w/ Doug Holmes - DIM 132

We sit down and discuss the finer points of organizing and running a comic book/pop-culture convention with the "man behind the curtain" of Grand Comic Con, Mr. Doug Holmes!

Grand Comic Con is now in it's THIRD year and has become the "go to" con for those wanting to experience a comic/pop-culture convention on a smaller scale, with ALL the heart, and even a few surprises up it's sleeve that only GCC can pull off!


You'll laugh! You'll cry! You'll hear Billy sound as if he was, in fact, a walking, talking ZOMBIE!!

All this and MORE on THIS Episode of Daydream Instruction Manual!

January 23rd, 2020    

DIM Presents: Zombilly’s Horror Hour 10yr. Celebration/Tim Burton Discussions

Our first episode of 2020 is here and we're PUMPED!!! Billy is celebrating his tenth year as a podcaster and he's bringing Mike and Eddie into the realm of all things Tim Burton. They discuss their top five favorite Burton films as well as other portions of his career.

Don't mind the sounds of baby Logan in the background. Apparently any time is a good time for play time, even when Daddy and his friends are trying to record noise sensitive material, haha.

December 24th, 2019    

The Podcast Arcade Christmas Special: Chapter One - Christmas for Krampus - DIM 130

Please enjoy Chapter One of our "Krampus Christmas Trilogy" holiday special series!! 

Krampus has set out to cause chaos at Christmas, and it's up to Doug and Eddie to figure out how to stop him with the help of some familiar holiday figures!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

December 17th, 2019    

The Podcast Arcade Christmas Special: Countdown to Krampus - DIM 129

What happens when Krampus decides to break the rules and hatches a plan to take over Christmas?

Listen to the thrilling and exciting final entry in The Podcast Arcade Christmas Trilogy saga, "Countdown to Krampus" and find out NOW!!

Also, be sure to check out all the hilarious and entertaining podcasts of the Podcast Arcade, HERE!!!

Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed our podcast this year! Happy Holidays!



December 11th, 2019    

Ghostbusters - DIM 128

With the BRAND NEW trailer for the 2020 Ghostbusters movie "Afterlife", we thought "What better time than now to discuss one of our most favorite tings ever?" 

Grab yourself an echo-cooler, put on your proton pack, and get out your copy of Tobin's Spirit Guide, because Daydream Instruction Manual is talking all about Ghostbusters!!


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