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May 19th, 2019    

Aliens - Omaha Classic Film Event - DIM 120

It's ANOTHER great time of having the one and only Bruce Crawford of Omaha Classic Film Event on the this SPECIAL mashup of Daydream Instruction Manual and The Weekly Weekly!!

And THIS time he's bringing in the BIG GUNS!!

He drops the INSANELY AWESOME news that Michael Biehn will be appearing during the event to BLOW YOUR COLLECTIVE MINDS!

Be sure to hit up your local Hy-Vee OR head to the Nebraska Kidney Association for tickets!

Listen NOW to hear all the fun we had discussing the event, Aliens, Michael Biehn and MORE!!





April 23rd, 2019    

Grand Comic Con Vol. 2 - DIM 119

Attending a comic/pop culture convention can really be an experience to remember, and with it gearing up to be that time of year again, we couldn't be more excited to have this convention be our first of the year!

We were honored to have been one of two podcasts (the other being our friends over at "Weekly Geekly") that were invited to cover "Grand Comic Con Vol. 2"!!

Please enjoy as sit down with fellow DIM host, Jeff Geaghan, as get amped up for what promised to be a con weekend to remember!!!

P.S. Also enjoy the experience of "being there" as we engage with attendees and friends interacting with us as we record the show!



April 18th, 2019    

KISS, Genesis, and More - DIM 118

In the spirit of having a little fun, we posted a Facebook poll on who you felt was the "better" band; KISS or Genesis!

It was a CLOSE race but it turns'll have to listen to this episode to find out who "won" and hear some fun memories and musings on some of our favorite bands!

Please share YOUR favorite bands with us on our Facebook Page, Twitter, or email us at

Also, listen for another round of "DIM Games"


April 4th, 2019    

Special Mashup with The Weekly Geekly: We Kidnapped Phil Hester at Grand Comic Con - DIM 117

We had the honor and privilege of being invited as one of the guest podcasts at "Grand Comic Con" 2019, along with our good friends from "The Weekly Weekly" podcast!

Be sure to stay tuned for all of the amazing podcasty goodness we captured during one of the most fun con weekends we've had in a while, but for NOW...

Please enjoy a very special mashup style podcast where we combine forces with "The Weekly Geekly" podcast to interview one of the most prolific comic book artists of our time, Mr. Phil Hester!



February 27th, 2019    

Relive the first three TMNT live action films with Billy and Eddie - DIM 116

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. When you heard this for the first time, you may have thought to yourself "Whaaaat?"

There's no denying that the title is strange, quirky, and up until that moment, there was nothing quite like it around. But if you were a child of the 80's and early 90's, then this cartoon, comic book, and ultimately, live action movies, landed squarely in your heart and there was no denying that from that moment on, it was love at first pizza bite.

Please enjoy, as Billy and Eddie relive their sheer joy and excitement, as they share their memories of watching he first three live action TMNT films!

Please share YOUR great TMNT memories with us on our Facebook Page!





February 10th, 2019    

Travel back to 1989 with DIM - DIM 115

Hello Daydreamers! We hope you enjoy our NEW and improved show format! Be sure to drop on by our Facebook Page and let us know what you like, what you'd like to see change, and just share YOUR fun experiences from your past with us!

On THIS installment of DIM; join your inter-dimensional tour guides, Eddie and Billy, as they climb into their phone booths and DeLoreans and take YOU back to 1989!

We'll be sharing our movie memories of the year 1989 and all the fun that came along with it! Also our NEW segment "DIM Games" as we play "Hero Match Up" (basically match up the villain with the hero, but it was fun and we threw each other some pretty fun curve balls! You can even play along!)

Please enjoy and until next time, we'll see you in your Daydreams!



January 20th, 2019    

The Hosts of DIM - Eddie Fossler - DIM 114

As we wrap up our host lineup with Daydream Instruction Manual, we wanted to take a minute for you to get to know who the heck your fantastical tour guides even ARE!!

On this Episode, we feature the creator of THIS very podcast, and the co-creator of the "Make Eternia Great Again", "Falcon Punch Thunder Dads", AND the "Paranormal Dads" podcasts!

Your featured DIM Adventurer has done everything from acting on stage in front of sold out theater shows, to searching for Bigfoot, to ripping his pants while scissor-kicking to "Easy Lover" 

We present the creatively restless sub-genius, Eddie Fossler!!


December 26th, 2018    

The DIM Yuletide Special - A Very Rankin/Bass Christmas - DIM 113

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with some jokes, discussing Rankin/Bass Christmas Specials, AND sharing a few songs?
Stick around! “Yule” be glad you did!

December 10th, 2018    

The Hosts of DIM - Billy Peck - DIM 112

As we dive into our host lineup with Daydream Instruction Manual, we wanted to take a minute for you to get to know who the heck your fantastical tour guides even ARE!!

On this Episode, we feature one of the most talented and entertaining people you could ever hope to meet!!

Your featured DIM Adventurer is an insanely gifted musician, podcaster, and overall entertainer who is one of the few people we know who can shred some insane Rock on the stage, while also dropping sweet knowledge from everything to pro wrestling to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!

We present the incomparable, Billy Peck!!


November 13th, 2018    

Men in Back at the Alamo Drafthouse - DIM 111

The Daydream Instruction Manual pulled out the dark sunglasses and black suits to make sure that the audience of the "Late Show" viewing of "Men in Black" at the Alamo Drafthouse felt that they had any potential extraterrestrial threat under control.

The truth is, if they HAD seen an alien, I'm sure Billy would have had to have dragged Eddie's unconscious body out of the theater!

Please enjoy DIM's afterthoughts and musings on the "Late Show" viewing of "Men in Black" at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema!


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