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December 21st, 2017    

Episode 89 - The Podcast Arcade Christmas Carol

We want to thank ALL of you who have listened, subscribed, and shared us with your friends and family

Our goal at Daydream Instruction Manual is to create an escape where creativity, humor, and friendship are celebrated and shared through all the different things that we love.

And thanks to all of you, DIM has become that escape!

Please enjoy this Christmas Special that every single podcast of The Podcast Arcade network helped create!


Also, please consider donating to our Podcast network, where 50% of the funds raised will go to Toys for Tots and the other 50% will be used by The Podcast Arcade to help keep those podcasts doing the thing that they do best...sending you the audio equivalent of a high five and putting a little awesome in your day.

It's a high five for your ears AND your heart! 

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December 11th, 2017    

Episode 88 - The Orville and Crisis on Earth X

Bart and Eddie are a couple of super busy dudes. Between work, family, and more work, and more family, these guys barely have enough time to get a good night's sleep, let alone watch a televison series.

BUT, with the invention of mobile devices and being creative with their time, these guys found a way! And they want to discuss some of their thoughts on their favorite televison shows with YOU!!

Please enjoy as Eddie discusses "The Orville" and Bart discusses "Crisis on Earth X"!!





December 4th, 2017    

Episode 87 - O Comic Con

As much as we love O Comic Con, it's shocking to think that up unitl now, we never had one of it's creators on the podcast!

Unitl now! Prepare to have your minds blown and your grasp of reality challenged, as we have some of the most fun and entertaining conversation known to humankind!!

Please enjoy our newest episode where we have the one and only Matt Fujan of O Comic Con join us to discuss some of the guests coming to OCC in 2018, AND we discuss a little film called Justice League!! 



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