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May 28th, 2018    

Special Guest Podcast - The Gabe and Kellar Show - Episode 1 - Ants

We're pleased to share with you a very special podcast from our friends Gabe and Kellar!

Make sure your thinking caps, knowledge beanies, and science helmets are on tight, because Gabe and Kellar are going to fill your brain with so many amazing bug and insect facts you may need to buy new hats!!

Thanks Gabe and Kellar!!



May 28th, 2018    

Episode 101 - Daydream Instruction Manual

We've hit 101 Episodes!!! Thank you to all of our listeners, friends, fellow podcasters, and familes!

Please enjoy as we have nearly every host, past and present on this very special episode!


May 20th, 2018    

Episode 100 -Chris Metry with PWP Live

We had Chris Metry from PWP Live join us for an episode that will clothesline you with fun, bodyslam you with laughs, and chokeslam you with good vibes!

Also, be sure to chrck them out THIS Wednesday night, May 23rd for PWP's 13th Anniversary Spectacular!



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