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June 26th, 2018    

Episode 103 - The Masters of the Universe

We got to hang out with our friends from "Make Eternia Great Again" for the "Late Show" at the Alamo Drafthouse movie theatre featuring the "Masters of the Universe" live action film!!

Please enjoy this special episode featuring a round table hangout and discussion on the movie with our friends from Omaha Underground Comics​, PWP Live​, Make Eternia Great Again, and O Comic Con​!


June 11th, 2018    

Episode 102 - Good and Bad Leaders in Fiction

Leaders! Some people love them, and some people...well...some people love them less. Whether they're charismatic, bossy, commanding , or collaborative, most of our favorite stories have some form of leader in them

On this episode, the boys of DIM discuss their favorite and least favorite leaders! Whether you think Darth Vader had a firm "grip" on his underlings, or if you find the teamwork approach of The Justice League more your speed, we all have an idea on what makes a great (and not so great) leader.

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