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September 30th, 2019    

Disney Theme Parks - DIM 125

We've talked about this episode for years and we've FINALLY done it! We assembled a team of veteran and newly initiated members of the "People who love Disneyland and Disney World" and shared some of the absolute magic that they experencied upon going!! 

Listen, as friend of the show and all around great guy (when he's not body slamming his opponents into oblivion), joins us to share his own Disney stories, the one and only Chris Metry!

We're also joined by one of the founders of this podcast the Mystical Mike Golka! 

We share memories and the sights, sounds, and even smells of the "happiest place on earth" and remind ourselves and hopefully you that magic is real, and you can help bring it to life every day!

Please enjoy!


The Haunted Mansion is hands down the hallmark of haunted houses!! Get so scared you'll drop your Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream!



Even before Captain Jack Sparrow, this ride was guaranteed to blow you away...LITERALLY!


A rollercoaster that transports you into SPACE!!! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?!?!?!!


Wanna see Eddie cry? Play the soundtrack from this parade and watch his nerdy tears flow.

September 18th, 2019    

Lenny Vernon, Grand Mini Con, and The Paranormal - DIM 124

On this episode we started out with a plan...and THEN we were invaded by our friends over at OMUG Comics and Red Casket Productions! We discuss everything from the Lenny Vernon: Badass Trucker Premiere to The Grand Mini Con, AND we hint at some paranormal craziness Eddie experienced with Red Casket's own Amanda Peck!! All this and MORE on this thrilling episode!








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