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April 11th, 2020    

Darydream… AFTER DARK (isolation 2) 3 Hour Epic!

How is your quarantining going? Losing your mind, yet? Join us as we lose our minds providing you some laughs.

Remember, with these episodes, there is no structure, there is no editing to make the episode sound pretty or enhanced with extra funny goodness. Just raw, late night nonsense, just for YOU! 

April 1st, 2020    

Daydream… AFTER DARK (isolation 1)

This is the part where we give a description of the episode with a little break down of subjects discussed. Well, these episodes are going to be long, typically held for 2 or more hours, and at really late hours of the night. So there is no specific topic or flow. They're all over the place, a little more adult, maybe a little salty at times, but still all in the name of fun and not too far off brand of the usual DIM you love.

So sit back, enjoy, wonder what the heck we're rambling about, and join us in the insanity that has overcome us from social distancing.



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