Episode 22 - Panel Exploration, Pokemon Go at Voodoo Taco, and Proseeds

Welcome to a brand new episode to thrill, to amaze, and to...INFORM!!!

This is sort of a "Community Bulletin Board" episode where we're giving you all sorts of fun info for you to bring a little bit more awesome into your life!

September 16th through 18th check out "Panel Exploration" presented by "Omaha Bound"


With guest speakers like Stan Sakai, Phil Hester, Eric Gapstur, Jeff Koterba, Cullen Bunn, and more, this free event promises to be informative and fun for anyone interested in or currently trying to get into the business of creating comic books!

This event is FREE but you'll have to register so they know how many chairs to set up! Help them avoid setting up too few or too many chairs!! Register HERE!!!

Also, Mike met with our friend Shane with Voodoo Taco while they were hosting a Pokemon GO event and boy-oh-boy did Mike have a blast! If you haven't been to Voodoo Taco, you gotta check it out. They make tacos so good that it'll make you go insane. It's just science.


Mike also met Josh Kelley with Proseeds, a nonprofit organization that allows you to contribute to your favorite charities by simply shopping at the places you already go to. Listen in on the episode to have Mr. Josh Kelley explain the wizardry behind that awesomeocity!!

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