Mini-Sode - Alamo Drafthouse - The Late Show: The Matrix

The Daydream Instruction Manual crew had the pleasure of hosting The Late Show at the Alamo Drafthouse: The Matrix!!

Josh literally jumped at the chance to host this film, and having our new kid, Ali (the one who inroduced Josh to The Matrix) co-host with us made it even more awesome!

Billy even enjoyed getting a chance to re-view the film with different eyes this time around, and walks away with a different impression of the film than he had before!

We were also lucky to have Rollie (One of the suoer badass mangers of Alamo Drafthouse) join us, and boy oh boy does he drop knowledge bombs on us!!

A special thank you to Alamo Drafthouse and please enjoy the mini-episode! You can view a slightly edited video version of this mini-sode here:




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